This is cowsay. Most people have already seen this in action, but there is one problem, it's hard to add onto a website, application, or anything web-based. Well look no further! This API outputs cowsay in raw text, so you can style it as you like, and use it how you like.

Field Type Description
textstringThis is what the cow says
eyesstring (length of 1 or 2)This is what the cow's eyes will look like
mouthstring (length of 1 or 2)This is what the cow's mouth will look like
typestringthis is the type of animal that will be saying something

This will change what the cow says. It will appear in a text bubble above the cow in the output. Without this field the text will be 'Moo' by default.


This will change what the cow's eyes look like. You can have a maximum of 2 characters. Without this field the eyes are 'oo' by default.


This will change what the cow's mouth looks like. You can have a maximum of 2 characters. Without this field the mouth is '__' by default.


this will change what animal / ascii image is talking. Without this field the animal is the default cow.

beavisHaha hehe he ha he he ha ha
bongSometimes cows need to take a load off and have a conversation
bud-frogsTalk to some frogs
bunnyAww, a cute little bunny :3
cheeseTalking cheese. Normal enough...
cowerSometimes cows are scared of you
daemonhe's gon' poke u
defaultThe default cow that everybody knows and loves
dogeMuch cow. Very talk. Wow
dragon-and-cowSometimes cows are terrorized by dragons
dragonSometimes the dragons aren't terrorizing anything at all
elephant-in-snakeI guess a snake ate an elephant
elephantThe non-eaten elephant
eyesVery large eyes
flaming-sheepSometimes sheep burn (probably from the dragon)
ghostbustersWho ya gonna call!? GhOsTbUsTeRs!!
goatA nice little goat
hedgehogEverybody loves hedgehogs
hellokittyHello, *meow*
kissAww look they're in love <3
koalaOh I just want to squish it!
koshA very square kosh
luke-koala"Koala, I am your father"
mech-and-cowThat cow is finally about to get an upgrade
meowWow thats a deep sounding meow.. I wonder what size that cat i.....
milkDont cry over me
moofasaA king is born!
mooseOne of the signature animals in Canada
mutilatedA torn apart cow
renQuote ren
satanicThe ruler of the cow underworld, has allowed you to quote him
sheepThe non-flaming sheep
skeletonThe skeleton of that poor cow
smallA little baby cow
squirrelA little squirrel that will saw what you want
stegosaurusA talking stego
stimpyLet stimpy talk
supermilkerSupermilk that poor poor cow
surgeryThat cow is probably going to get revenge... Uh oh..
telebearsWoot! Finally that cow is getting some action!
turkey*Gobble Gobble*
turtleCarry around your words in your own portable home
tuxEverybody's favourite linux penguin!